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Tips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).

We now show 1207 tips from 80 people with spinal cord injuries for assistive devices, adaptations and individually designed solutions.

There is also information about where to get the devices and who paid for them. Since the tips come from people living in Sweden this information might not be relevant for people from other countries.

Spinalistips is run by Spinalis Foundation. It was started with support from the Swedish Inheritance Fund (Allmänna Arvsfonden). The English translation was sponsored by Promobilia Foundation. Spinalistips is now maintained by the Spinalis Foundation. The database is regularly updated. Spinalis is not responsible for the tips.

You may copy pictures or parts of the database for the purpose of spreading the tips and ideas shared here if your use is restricted to non-commercial purposes and the source is acknowledged.

Examples of tips

Changing a diaper with child sitting on lap
Technique for changing diapers that works for wheelchair users.
Child is on stomach on user's lap; user removes diaper
Picking things up from the floor with a towel
A towel can serve as an assistive device for persons with impaired hand function to pick up objects from the floor.
The milk carton is on the floor next to the user's wheelchair wheel and she places a towel next to it.