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Caring for household objects: all 38 tips and ideas

38 tips and ideas 
Balcony garden containers with space for kneesAccessible balcony garden
Convenient balcony garden adapted to wheelchair users
User opens hatch to access eggsAccessible chicken house
Modifications enable wheelchair user to take care of chickens
Anti-slip matAnti-slip mat
Mat that holds and stabilizes things/objects.
The user transports firewood using a cart carrying a garden basketBasket on wheels for firewood
- a simple way for wheelchair users to transport firewood
Bird feeding stationBird-feeding station outside the window
- makes it possible to watch birds without having to go outside
The user pulls on the string of the cat toyCat toy that is controlled using the mouth
A customized design that enables someone with extensive disabilities to play with his cat
Container for gardeningContainer gardening
Wooden containers make gardening easier for wheelchair users
User controls a sewing machine with her forearmControlling sewing machine with arms
Technique to control sewing machine for wheelchair users
The user removes dandelions. Photo from www.fiskars.seDandelion weeder
A tool for easy removal of weeds – suitable for wheelchair users
User has dog attached to belt and holds on to a railingDog leash with belt
Dog leash with belt – suitable for persons with impaired hand function and for pole walking
User on walk with dogs running round herDogs for wheelchair users
Herding dogs are appropriate dogs for wheelchair users
Gate on rampEnclosure for dogs
The enclosure make it possible for a user who operates a wheelchair to be able to let the dogs out
Entrance door, lower levelEntrance on lower floor
Entrance designed to rinse off dirty wheelchair wheels
User transports hay on hand cart.Feed horses
Hay for horses is transported by hand truck
Flower box on wheelsFlower box on wheels
Portable flower box on patio - suitable for wheelchair users
Flower pot on legsFlower pot on legs
Raised flower pot on casters - suitable for wheelchair users
User at garden planter on legs with metal frame and non-woven fabricGarden planter on legs at suitable working height
Garden planter on legs at convenient height for working while standing – suitable for people who have problems bending
User digs in balcony containerGarden tools
Garden tools with short handle
Garden toolsGarden tools
Short-handled garden tools work best when working in easily accessible raised beds
Go-cart with electric motor, joystick and steering leverGo-cart with electric motor to trim flower beds
– facilitates gardening for wheelchair users
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
User with his dog’s leash attached to the wheelchairHolder for dog leash on wheelchair footrest
- makes it easier for wheelchair users to take the dog on walks
User sharpens a knifeKnife sharpener
- an easy way to sharpen knives
Knife with adapted handleKnife with adapted handle
Kitchen knife suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User at electricity cabinetLow-mounted electrical box with circuit breakers
- Suitable for wheelchair users
Medicine cardMedicine card
Medicine card with important information – suitable for people with specific diagnoses who need specialist care
User nails moldingNailer
Pneumatic nailer instead of a hammer – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Tools hanging on wallOrganized tool storage
Tools mounted at right height – organized and easily accessible for wheelchair users.
User cleans stall with pitchforkPitchfork with handle
An ergonomic handle on stall and garden tools is suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Passive pliers. Used for reaching, getting to and picking up things.
Power jigsaw. Photo: www.clasohlson.sePower jigsaw
Suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User screws molding in placePower screwdriver
Suitable for persons with impaired hand function
Riding lawnmower from behindRiding lawnmower
- a lawnmower for large hilly gardens - works for persons with impaired function in the legs
User presses together a self-opening scissors with both handsSelf-opening scissors
Easy-to-use scissors suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User standing in standing wheelchairStanding wheelchair
People who use a wheelchair can increase their independence at home by using a standing wheelchair and they can also stretch their leg joints.
Power-driven wheelchair wheels with tire repair kitTire puncture repair kit or solid tires to prevent puncture
The tire puncture repair kit makes it possible to quickly repair punctured wheelchair tires.
User with her service dogTrain a service dog by ‘clicking’
– a training method for service dogs
Flower pot base with flower potWheeled base for flower pots
Flower pot base facilitates moving flower pots.