homepageTips and tricks from people with spinal cord injuries (SCI).
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Tips sorted by author and their injury level

Tetraplegia with motor function allowing ambulation (C2-Th1, ASIA D, E)

  • Anders 3 - 4 tips

    Anders is working part time. He lives together with his wife in an apartment. He was injured in 1971 and has an incomplete tetraplegia. Indoors he is able to walk with a stick, outside he uses scooter. No assistance.

  • Caroline - 22 tips

    Caroline lives in an apartment and is working. She has a congenital disease (Ehlers-Danlos syndrom) which gives her fluctuating problems and pain in all her joints. Since 2000 she is using a wheelchair outdoors. She has homehelp 27 hours a month.

  • Jenny - 1 tips

  • Mats 2 - 21 tips

    Mats lives together with his wife and daughter in a house. He was injured in 2001 and has a high incomplete tetraplegia. He does not have any assistance.

  • Rob - 2 tips

    Rob runs a small company making gripping aids for people with reduced hand function (see www.activehands.co.uk). He is also a DJ, a world traveller, regular motor home user and a wheelchair sportsman.
    He was injured in 1996 and is a C5/6 incomplete tetra.