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About Spinalistips

Many people with spinal cord injury have themselves become experts on their disability. They have been imaginative and inventive when it comes to the tools and tricks for facilitating everyday life.

Dorothee Riedel and Elisabeth Lagerkrans are occupational therapists, and have for many years worked with people with spinal cord injury. They have learned much from their "patients" and a large part of their professional knowledge is based on this. They know that the best ideas and tips for everyday life are those that people with spinal cord injury themselves come up with.

It felt important to collect these valuable tips and ideas and make them available online so that others could take inspiration. With funds from the General Inheritance Fund we have driven www.spinalistips.se in project form between 2005 and 2008. Since 2006 the database is online. The English version is funded by the Promobilia Foundation. Spinalistips is now maintained by the Spinalis Foundation.

www.spinalistips.se is aimed at people with spinal cord injuries, their families and the rehabilitation staff. We want to inspire you to develop your own solutions and not least - to look at yourself and other people with disabilities as experts.

The Spinalis Foundation is a public foundation, whose main aim is to improve the quality of life for people with spinal cord injury by promoting research and treatment development in this field.


Claes Hultling, Project Responsible.
Dorothee Riedel, occupational therapist and project manager
Elisabeth Lagerkrans, occupational therapist
Philip Day, programmer
Susan Larsson, translator
Contact spinalistips@spinalis.se


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Examples of tips

Kitchen - battery-operated can opener
Automatic can opener – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User removes lid with can opener
Automatic soap pump with sensor
- suitable for people with impaired hand function
Automatic soap pump