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Recreation, leisure: Garden

25 tips and ideas 
Balcony garden containers with space for kneesAccessible balcony garden
Convenient balcony garden adapted to wheelchair users
User opens hatch to access eggsAccessible chicken house
Modifications enable wheelchair user to take care of chickens
Garden with raised bedsAccessible garden
Architect-designed wheelchair accessible garden with raised beds at various heights
Raised planting bedsAccessible herb garden
Raised beds facilitate gardening especially for wheelchair users.
The user removes dandelions. Photo from www.fiskars.seDandelion weeder
A tool for easy removal of weeds – suitable for wheelchair users
Flower box on wheelsFlower box on wheels
Portable flower box on patio - suitable for wheelchair users
User rakes leaves into wheelbarrowFolding lightweight wheelbarrow
A lightweight wheelbarrow that is easy on the back – suitable for persons who have problems lifting and/or bending
User with tray on lapFolding tray
- can replace a table when necessary – suitable for people who use electric wheelchair
User at garden planter on legs with metal frame and non-woven fabricGarden planter on legs at suitable working height
Garden planter on legs at convenient height for working while standing – suitable for people who have problems bending
User digs in balcony containerGarden tools
Garden tools with short handle
Garden toolsGarden tools
Short-handled garden tools work best when working in easily accessible raised beds
Go-cart with electric motor, joystick and steering leverGo-cart with electric motor to trim flower beds
– facilitates gardening for wheelchair users
The user hammering using the gripping aid. Photo: www.activehands.co.uk Gripping Aid
A gripping aid to improve grippfunction and to facilitate everyday activities for persons with impaired handfunction
Raised bed with old window next to itHomemade raised beds
Accessible raised beds that also work as greenhouses
Drip or sweat hose in raised bedsIrrigation of raised beds
Drip and sweat hoses – simple way for wheelchair users to water the garden
User prunes bush with long-handled garden prunerLong-handled garden pruner
Long-handled garden pruner – suitable for wheelchair users
Raised beds made from pallet collarsRaised beds from pallet collars
Easy to make, simple accessible raised beds
User by raised bedsRaised garden beds
Easily accessible raised garden beds for wheelchair users
The user drives on a wooden ramp over a ditchRamp to garden
Ramp across ditch on a wheelchair-accessible lot
Riding lawnmowerRiding lawnmower
Wheelchair user can mow lawn with an MTD riding lawnmower
Riding lawnmower from behindRiding lawnmower
- a lawnmower for large hilly gardens - works for persons with impaired function in the legs
User with barbecue fork on wheelchair standRod on stand to barbecue hotdogs
A barbecue fork on a stand enables a person without active hand function to barbecue hotdogs.
"Muurikka grill"Summer kitchen on wheels
Carefully planned versatile indoor/outdoor summer kitchen used for transporting, cooking, barbecuing and smoking food, as well as for a dining table
Stand with bucket for hose nozzleWatering accessible raised beds
Watering system that can be handled by a wheelchair user
Summer home with rampWheelchair accessible country home
Country home with accessible garden