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Housing: Kitchen

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Single lever faucet on front edge of sinkAccessible faucet
Faucet sits on front edge of sink – easily accessible for persons with compromised arm and hand function
Counter without lower, cabinet with electric cooktop, gas stove and sinkAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen in summer home with room for large family. Several people can cook simultaneously, both standing and wheelchair users.
Counter with knee-space and sinkAccessible kitchen
Kitchen suitable for wheelchair users
Counter in accessible kitchenAccessible kitchen
Functional kitchen for wheelchair users
Kitchen with sinks, stove and counter without lower cabinetsAccessible kitchen
Convenient kitchen for wheelchair users
User at sinkAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen with adjustable height work surfaces and wall-mounted cabinets – suitable for wheelchair users
User in her kitchenAccessible kitchen
Suitable for individuals with extensive disabilities and assistants
User at adjustable-height counterAccessible kitchen
Accessible kitchen suitable for a person who uses a wheelchair and for people who are walkers
User at low adjustable-height counterAccessible kitchen in newly built house
Large kitchen designed for wheelchair users and the entire family
Counter with kneespace and open shelvesAccessible kitchen on summer home veranda
Instead of adapting the kitchen in the summer home a new kitchen was built on the veranda.
User at sink without lower cabinets in accessible kitchenAccessible kitchen, electric adjustable height
Adjustable height kitchen interior for wheelchair users
User moves bowlAdapted bowl for microwave oven
Cord attached to a bowl works as handle and enables a person without dexterity to grasp the bowl and move it
Key ring attached to oven handleAdapted oven handle
Simple adjustment makes it possible for a person with compromised arm and/or hand function to open an oven door
Automatic wastebasketAutomatic bathroom wastebasket
Wastebasket opens without having to touch it – suitable for people with disabilities
Built-in microwave ovenBuilt-in microwave oven
Space-saving installation of microwave oven in accessible kitchen.
User pulls baking sheet out on telescoping trackBuilt-in wall oven in accessible kitchen
Telescoping track makes it easy to put food in/take food out of the oven
Ceramic cooktopCeramic cooktop in a modified kitchen
A flat cooktop facilitates handling of pots and reduces the risk of tipping.
Cooktop with knee space underneathCooktop with knee space underneath
Cooktop with room below, appropriate for wheelchair users
Ceramic cooktopCooktop with knee space underneath
Touch panel on cooktop – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User rotates carousel in corner cabinetCorner cabinet with carousel in accessible kitchen
Carousel cabinet makes it easy to see contents and increases accessibility – suitable for wheelchair users
Counter cabinet with sliding drawer, open
Counter cabinet with drawers
Easy sliding drawers at the right height are conveniently accessible and appropriate for wheelchair users
User at counterCounter without lower cabinet in accessible kitchen
Fixed counter without lower cabinet – appropriate in a kitchen used only by a wheelchair user
Countertop dishwasher with basket pulled outCountertop dishwasher in modified kitchen
A countertop dishwasher that fits below a low work surface.
User in the kitchen with drawer unit on castersCustom drawer unit on casters
- suitable for adjustable-height counter in custom kitchen
User in the kitchenCustom kitchen
Well-designed custom kitchen for a young family with one parent who uses a wheelchair
Counter with stove, work space and sinkCustom-designed kitchen
Custom-designed kitchen for a person who uses a wheelchair
Island counter with adjustable height section and knee-space.Customized accessible kitchen
Several people can work simultaneously in this kitchen, both wheelchair users and ambulatory persons
Kitchen with knee space where user can sit; sink without lower cabinetCustomized modified kitchen
A kitchen designed for a person with a high spinal cord injury
User at deskDesk and dining table close to the kitchen
Practical desk and workplace next to the kitchen – suitable for wheelchair users
Dishwasher openDishwasher in accessible kitchen
Dishwasher placement is important for optimal handling of dishes by persons with disabilities
DishwasherDishwasher in accessible kitchen
For persons who cannot reach far it is important that the dishwasher baskets are designed so that all kinds of dishes can be placed toward the front of the baskets
User drinks water through straw from sinkDrinking water directly from the faucet
A method for persons with high spinal cord injury to drink water
Bracket with s-hooksEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Wall hung bracket with s-hooks and storage basket provide easily accessible storage in the modified kitchen.
Storage basketEasily accessible storage in modified kitchen
Practical food storage in a modified kitchen
Drawer with potsEasy-slide drawers in accessible kitchen
The content of the kitchen cabinets is easily organized and easily accessible for wheelchair users
Electric adjustable upper cabinetElectric adjustable cabinet in accessible kitchen
Adjustable-height upper cabinet in accessible kitchen
Upper cabinetElectrically maneuvered cabinet in accessible kitchen
Remote-controlled adjustable height upper cabinet in accessible kitchen.
User opens refrigerator doorHandle for refrigerator and freezer
A handle that makes it easier to open the refrigerator and freezer – suitable for people with impaired hand function
Kitchen towel hookHook for kitchen towel
Easy-to-use kitchen towel hook for persons with impaired hand function
Countertop, stove and sink without a cabinet underneath and a curtain to hide the knee spaceIndividually modified kitchen
The user chose fixed low work surfaces. The closer the work surface to the knees, the better she can work independently in the kitchen.
Accessible kitchen with several pull-out boardsKitchen - partly accessible for people with disabilities
Kitchen with many countertops - a possibility to make it easier for wheelchairusers to manage in a regular kitchen
Round kitchen table with one table leg in the middleKitchen table
This table has room for one or several persons with wheelchairs
Knife blockKnife block suitable for persons with impaired grip
A knife block in which knives are placed horizontally is suitable for persons with impaired grip.
Oven and microwaveMicrowave installed above oven
A microwave that is only used to heat food can be placed above the oven, even in an accessible kitchen.
User opens microwave ovenMicrowave oven
Large handle on microwave oven – suitable for persons with impaired hand function
User at microwave ovenMicrowave oven
Position of microwave oven in accessible kitchen
Microwave oven on sliding boardMicrowave oven on sliding board
Microwave oven on sliding board – a solution for wheelchair users who have limited reach
Microwave oven with open doorMicrowave oven with door hinged at bottom
The microwave oven door can be used to put things on – appropriate for wheelchair users
Microwave ovenMicrowave oven with easy-grip handle
The handle is the deciding factor for choice of microwave oven for persons with impaired grip.
User opens oven doorOven
Oven placed at just the right height for a person sitting in a wheelchair.
User opens the ovenOven and microwave in custom kitchen
Positioning option for wheelchair users
Oven in upper cabinet with side-hinged doorOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-opening door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to remove hot bakeware from the oven.
Oven in tall cabinetOven in modified kitchen
The oven door, which opens downwards, protects the user if she should drop something hot when removing food from the oven.
User removes hot baking dish from ovenOven in modified kitchen
Oven with side-hinged door makes it easier for wheelchair users with impaired balance to place bakeware in oven and to remove it
User places baking sheet in the ovenOven in modified kitchen
Oven on counter works for a person who uses a wheelchair
Oven with side-hinged oven door and vertical handle; pull-out board belowOven with side-hinged oven door
Side-hinged oven with easy-grip handle, installed at wheelchair height
Pantry with slide-out storagePantry with slide-out storage
Pantry with slide-out storage suitable for accessible kitchen.
Pantry with slide-out storagePantry with slide-out storage
Pantry with slide-out storage appropriate for accessible kitchen
Pantry with slide-out storage openPantry with slide-out storage
Easily visible and accessible pantry – suitable for wheelchair users
User between dishwasher and drawersPlacement of dishwasher
Careful planning of dishwasher placement makes it possible to load and unload dishes without having to move – suitable for wheelchair users
Open kitchen drawer with spice rackPractical spice storage in modified kitchen
Easily accessible spice storage in clear view
Pull-out pantryPull-out pantry
Easy to reach things and well-arranged. Good choice for wheelchair users.
Faucet with sprayer pulled outPullout spray faucet in accessible kitchen
Pullout spray faucet makes kitchen work easier for persons with impaired hand or arm function
Two large refrigerators and freezersRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Refrigerator and freezer with large handles at the right height for wheelchair users
Refrigerator and freezerRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Counter space next to the refrigerator makes it easy to remove things and put them away - appropriate for wheelchair users.
User opens refrigeratorRefrigerator and freezer in accessible kitchen
Refrigerator and freezer with large easy-grip handles – appropriate for persons with impaired hand function
Refrigerator with door pulled outRefrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves
Refrigerator and freezer with pull-out doors and shelves work well for wheelchair-bound persons with impaired balance.
Storage unit on casters with bottom pulled outRubbish cabinet on wheels
Storage unit on casters with rubbish sorting that fits under adjustable-height counter in adapted kitchen
User by counter without lower cabinetSeparate cabinet with storage drawers and counter
Custom-built separate cabinet is easily accessible and practical for wheelchair users
User by the ovenSide-hinged oven with extra magnets
Even if the oven is not installed in a cabinet it works well for wheelchair users with reasonable hand and arm function.
Single-lever faucetSingle-lever faucet with good ergonomic design
Good sink faucet handle for persons with impaired hand function
SinkSink in accessible kitchen
Sink works well for wheelchair users and persons with impaired balance.
Sliding doorSliding door
A sliding door is easy to use and convenient for a person who uses a wheelchair.
Counter between kitchen and dining roomSpacious kitchen
Spacious kitchen in accessible house
Kitchen with long counterSpacious kitchen in accessible house
Kitchen with plenty of room - suitable for electric wheelchair users
User at ‘his’ counterSpecially designed counter in accessible kitchen
Standalone counter with knee space increases workspace
Container for household compostStainless steel container for household compost
Odorless household compost container on counter.
Two containers one on top of the other and a third along sideStorage containers for persons with impaired grip
Practical food storage for persons with impaired grip.
Drawer as pantryStorage of household utensils and food
Easy to see and easily accessible kitchen drawer – appropriate for wheelchair users
Counter with mobile drawer unit under itStorage unit in accessible kitchen
Mobile drawers on track
Storage unit on casters under workspace with knee accessStorage unit on casters under workspace with knee access
Convenient mobile storage units work well in accessible kitchens.
Storage unit on castersStorage unit on casters with recycling bins
Storage unit on casters with practical recycling bins for sorting waste. The unit is heavy to move.
Storage unit on casters in kitchen work islandStorage units on casters in accessible kitchen
Provides accessible storage for persons with limited reach
Tealight holderTealight holder
Tealight holder that can easily be moved or placed by a person sitting in a wheelchair who has impaired hand function
The user by the two-part refrigerator and freezerTwo-piece refrigerator and freezer in custom kitchen
- a practical solution for wheelchair users
Universal knobUniversal knob for doors, stove and lock
Portable and adapted handle that enlarges and therefore makes it easier for a person with impaired hand function to twist/open/close various types of lock and stove knobs.
Waste sorting cabinet, openWaste-sorting cabinet
Practical waste-sorting cabinet that opens automatically
User by wastebasket with swing-top lidWastebasket with swing-top lid
- suitable for wheelchair users