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Carrying, moving and handling objects: Transporting

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Key ring taped to a Clas Ohlson catalogueAdaptation for book or magazine
A key ring taped to a book makes it possible for a person with impaired hand function to handle the book
User holds his phone with help of the loopAdapted Iphone and Iphone holder on wheelchair
A simple way to be able to pick upp the phone and to attach it to the wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
Pen holder attached on wheelchairAdapted pen in penholder on wheelchair
Penholder for adapted pen on electrical wheelchair - suitable for persons with impaired handfunction
Backpack on wheelchair with rain cover onBackpack with integrated raincover
- practical for wheelchair users
Bag with sliding board, attached to user’s wheelchair. Photo: Katharina RatzkaBag for folding sliding board
Custom-sewn bag for sliding board that can be attached to the wheelchair
Bag sitting on user's feet on wheelchair footrestsBag on wheelchair
A practical bag for wheelchair users. The user can keep an eye on the bag at the same time that it keeps the user's feet in place.
Wheelchair bagBag on wheelchair
Accessible homemade wheelchair bag
The user transports firewood using a cart carrying a garden basketBasket on wheels for firewood
- a simple way for wheelchair users to transport firewood
Service dog fetches a newspaperCarry, hold, fetch – help from service dog
A service dog can provide everyday help to wheelchair users by carrying, fetching, or holding objects
Combi stroller with soft fabric carrierCombi stroller with soft fabric carrier
A Combi-stroller works well for parents with disabilities who have young children
User transports hay on hand cart.Feed horses
Hay for horses is transported by hand truck
Flower box on wheelsFlower box on wheels
Portable flower box on patio - suitable for wheelchair users
User rakes leaves into wheelbarrowFolding lightweight wheelbarrow
A lightweight wheelbarrow that is easy on the back – suitable for persons who have problems lifting and/or bending
Handbag strapped into wheelchair seat beltHandbag on wheelchair
- an easy way to attach a handbag
Aluminum suitcasesHandy packing
Aluminum suitcases for storage of fragile items such as music and computer accessories - can also be used as support or tray on lap for wheelchair users
User holding a bottle with ring finger in the device’s ring (close-up)Hold and transport a bottle
A small specially designed assistive device for persons without active hand function, which makes it possible to take a bottle out of the cooler and to transport it
Bottle holder on wheelchairHolder for water bottle on wheelchair
Thanks to the bottle holder you will always have your water bottle with you - suitable for persons using a wheelchair
User relieves pressure on seat by leaning forward on trayLap tray that stays on lap
Tray with many applications for people who drive a wheelchair
Mobile laundry basketMobile laundry basket
Laundry basket on casters is convenient for wheelchair users
Bag attached to wheelchair armrestModified bag for valuables
A small modified bag sits on the wheelchair and provides access to important medicines and valuables
Plastic bag holderPlastic bag holder
A practical and secure way to bring along bags.
Plastic basketPlastic basket to move objects
A basket for moving objects, appropriate for wheelchair users.
User with basket on lapPlastic transport basket
Facilitates shopping and transporting objects - suitable for wheelchair users
Serving cart with large handlesServing cart with large handle
Wheelchair users with impaired hand function need a serving cart with a large handle at the right height; large wheels are preferable
User holds up coffee table with one handSmall lightweight coffee table
The coffee table is lightweight and easy to move - suitable for wheelchair users
User drinks teaSmall wheelchair table for tea cup
Cup with straw on wheelchair table enables persons with extensive disabilities to drink unassisted
Stand extended on wheelchair attachmentStand – the user’s “third hand”
A telescopic slide-out iron rod/stand to which many types of equipment can be attached. This stand enables a user who does not have any active hand function to hold on to various types of equipment.
User’s wheelchair with customized belt attached to the sideStorage bags attached to wheelchair
Convenient storage for incontinence supplies for toilet visits outside the home
Shelf by patioStorage shelf by patio
Practical wooden shelf makes it easy for a wheelchair user to set the table
Net attached to wheelchair frame under seatStorage under wheelchair
Extra room under wheelchair for storing objects
User transports a suitcase on suitcase holderSuitcase holder
Hinged suitcase holder – simple way for wheelchair user to transport suitcases
Telescoping ramps on motorboatTelescoping ramps on motorboat
Telescoping ramp is used to bring electric wheelchair onto motorboat.
Multi-tier platterThree-tier serving platter
Multi-tier serving platter that a person with impaired hand function can lift and hold
User with her service dogTrain a service dog by ‘clicking’
– a training method for service dogs
User transports glass of water on tray on lapTransporting objects
Trays make it easy for wheelchair users to transport objects
User with pack on wheelchair. Photo: from the user's archivesTransporting camping gear by wheelchair
- an option for people with disabilities
User transports a milk containerTray
Plastic lid for microwave oven – suitable as a tray for wheelchair users
Tray placed on lap when person sits in wheelchairTray that sits steadily on lap
Tray appropriate for people who sit in a wheelchair
Tray on user’s lapTray to hold on lap
Tray suitable for persons using a wheelchair
Trivet on counterTrivet
Practical kitchen utensil for easy transfers of hot pots – suitable for people with disabilities
The user holds the universal rod with his wrist in one cradle and small finger in the metal loopUniversal rod – description
A specially designed universal rod to retrieve both light and heavy objects – suitable for persons with compromised arm/hand function
User picks up remote control unitUniversal rod – use
Custom-designed rod enables persons with compromised arm/hand function to reach, retrieve and handle a number of different objects.
Wagon for sitski. Photo: Ronny PerssonWagon for sitski
Facilitates transporting the sitski
User shows a bottle with crocheted coverWater bottle with crocheted cover
....makes the bottle easy to grip and easy to bring along - suitable for people with impaired hand function
Wheelchair bag mounted on the wheelchairWheelchair bag
Inconspicuous and spacious wheelchair bag that does not alter the center of gravity
User lifts his scooter into the carWheelchair crane for moving a scooter in and out of the car
- suitable for people with disabilities